The American Institute of Architects Lower Rio Grande Valley Chapter

Our Story…

On June 1, 1950, William Baxter, Zeb Rike, Hadley Smith, John York, Walter Bowman, and Charles Ellis formed the Lower Rio Grande Valley Chapter of the American Institute of Architects. Their purpose (according to our bylaws) was to organize and “unite in fellowship” the members of the architectural profession; to promote the aesthetic, scientific and practical efficiency of the profession; to advance the science and art of planning and building by advancing the standards of architectural education, training and practice; to coordinate the building industry and the profession of architecture to ensure the advancement of the living standard of people through their improved environment; and to make the profession of ever-increasing service to society.  Since then, Our Chapter has held (in high esteem) these standards of advocacy and promotion.

With nearly one-hundred members to date, we strive to continue our founders’ purpose, advocating for architects and architecture and to provide our members with The American Institute of Architects Core Member Services:

Communications –  Promote the value of AIA membership and communicate the benefits to members and potential members.

Education – Ensure quality continuing education opportunities for members.

Advocacy – Advance AIA’s legislative priorities and empower members to advocate for their profession.

Public Outreach – Promote public awareness of the value of design and the role of architects.

Governance – Comply with federal and state laws and develop leaders to serve at local, state, and national levels.

Membership – Recruit and retain members and engage members in the community.

Finance and Operations – Conduct secure, transparent, and timely financial practices.